This tour will bring us to a place full of living history where are still present elements of the times when the territory and rural areas of Valencia were our main economic and social motor.

A journey in which we will find examples of how  Jaume I (our first Christian king) planned our territory in our birth as a people after conquering the country to the Andalusian Muslims in the 13th century. A legacy showing the teachings he received from the Templars and including a territorial model still alive today as it was written in his chronicle El Llibre dels Fets. A trek that will take us to enjoy rest, shade and coolness under the top of monumental trees and where we will learn to recognize many aromatic and medicinal plants.

Trail Facts:

Duration: 5h.
Length: 7.33 km.
Altitude 300m
Difficulty: Medium-low, suits all types of people.
Essential equipment: hiking boots, backpack, water bottle of 1.5 l, light raincoat, Recommended to bring nuts or dehydrated fruits.
Price: 75 Euros, including guide, food and round-trip transportation from Castellón, Teruel and / or Valencia. Accommodation and extras on request.



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