This route will help us learn a constant in our history: The different guerrillas who have fought on our land. This trail honors some freedom fighters who defended until the very last minute the republican constitutional legality against military rebels: The members of the 17th Brigade of the Agrupación Guerrillera de Levante y Aragón (Guerrilla Group of Levante and Aragón), a bunch of historic fighters for the individual and collective freedoms who gave their youth and often their lives.

The itinerary follows their trails and during the travel we will transmit you the legacy of stories and events that they’ve told us. For two days we will rest in the same places and buildings they used, we will ambush in  their land and feel their sensations while tasting food rooted in the territory that was scenery of guerrilla actions. A journey loaded with memories and meaning.

Trail facts:

Duration: Two days.
Length: 19 km. Circular route.
Elevation: 350m
Difficulty: Medium-low, suits all types of people.
Essential equipment: hiking boots, backpack, water bottle of 1.5l, light raincoat, Recommended to bring nuts or  dehydrated fruits.
Price: 125 Euros, including guide, foods and round-trip transportation from Castellón, Teruel and / or Valencia. Accommodation and extras on request.

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